Monkey Boxing

Did you know that the martial arts are a fantasy?

Oh, yes, they will put you in good condition, and you will have an edge, but you will not have the real martial arts.

Why? Because they are based on ‘if he does this I will do that!’ That is a fantasy, and it never works out on the street.

The proof is very simple: how many times have you seen an outward block, or any classical block, used in freestyle?

Virtually none, and why is that?

Because in most arts you learn two arts. You learn an art with all the tricks and forms and such, which is basically a ‘fantasy,’  and you learn the art of freestyle, and the unfortunate truth is that your freestyle, originating from the fantasy, is sadly equipped for use in the real world.

Consider Kenpo, 500 odd techniques that are NEVER used in fighting.

And this is true for most martial arts. Even the most classical of karate,  Aikido, Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan…

They are all a fantasy.

But maybe you understand all this…and maybe you have decided to ‘fix the fantasy’ by going MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, because, doggonit, it ain’t real till you get in the ring and test it! Right?

Well, sorry to say, that is all just another fantasy. And it is a fantasy with drastic consequences. If you roll on the street you might be falling on concrete, fighting for your life while your opponent calls for his friends to come over and stomp your head while he holds you down.

And, if you want to know the truth, these days most UFC contests end with knock outs, grappling only accounts for a small number of ‘victories.’ Sure, most fights can go to the ground, but only if the fighters don’t know good stand up arts.

Now that I’ve probably offended a heck of a lot of people out there, mainly just about everybody who studies the martial arts, but let me put a little light in the tunnel…

This website is not about classical arts, or Mixed Martial Arts, or any of those other fantasies.

It is aimed at something else entirely…

getting rid of your fantasies.

Let me explain something…

Every martial art is a put together of techniques that some fellow loved.

If he loves grappling, MMA, then he collects those techniques, and ignores, or at least downplays. everything else. 

Or he stumbles across ‘Sticky Hands’ from Wing Chun or Praying Mantis, so he builds an art around that concept, and shoves other concepts into a ‘BTW box.’ Only studying ‘Sticky Hands’ as it pertains to his beloved art, and ignoring all other facets of Sticky Hands.

That’s what worked for him, doggonit, and he doesn’t see, no matter what he might say, that what worked for him might not work for everybody.

And when other people start trying to put in types of striking, kicks, ‘sticky energy,’ absorbing energy (tai chi chuan), ki harmony (Aikido) they are starting from behind the gun, trying to make those concepts fit into a mold that has already been cast.

It just doesn’t work: they have built a box that does nothing but contain them!

And the martial arts become ever more confused, mismatched, disharmonious, unworkable fantasies.

No matter how many tricks one has, if there is no logic, there is no real art. It’s like calling a stew a cow. Sure, there are ribs and intestines and hooves and such, but that doesn’t make a cow.

Only the correctly assembled whole makes a cow.

Monkey Boxing is not a put together; it is a scientifically designed whole.

Here’s How I Put Monkey Boxing Together!

I began the martial arts in November of 1967. But the 90s I had studied dozens of martial arts, written for the magazines, and had operated a half dozen martial arts schools.

Still, I was not happy. I was searching. Nothing left me satisfied. One day I decided to do something about it: I decided to ‘solve’ the martial arts.

Yes, that was my exact thought, and I don’t think anyone in the history of the martial arts has had that exact thought.

People want to learn how to fight, be better fighters, be instructors, but this was different.

I wanted to ‘solve’ the martial arts, to figure out what was wrong, to figure out why no art completely satisfied me.

One weekend I took out a bunch of business cards, and on the back of them I wrote down every technique I knew. A half a dozen systems of Karate, eight systems of Kenpo, the major Tai Chi systems, several Pa Kua systems, kung fu systems, techniques from all over the world, from just about every art in the world.

I had a couple of thousand cards when I was done, and I laid them out in the living room. Cards on the floor, chairs, the tops of cabinets and the TV set, everywhere.

My wife came home and thought I had gone bonkers.

Maybe I was, but it was a good kind of bonkers, and I began to sort through the martial arts.

Kicks here, punches there. Sub piles of right and left techniques. Grab arts. Defenses for grabs. Weapons. Slowly the thousands of business cards reduced down to a few stacks.

Then I began to sort through the individual piles. I tossed out duplicate techniques and unworkable technique. I got rid of ‘poser’ techniques, where the attacker has to wait for the defender to make the technique work. I eliminated stupid techniques. I focused on just the techniques that were usable, and especially in combat.

In the end I had 72 techniques. That’s all. The whole martial arts reduced down to 72 techniques. Thousands of years of people searching and discovering, only to find that most of it had already been discovered, and then slanted for some special interest (tournaments, reality, teaching, politics, etc.)

But I could reduce them further. I went through the techniques again, got down to 56 techniques. Then I got down to 40 techniques,

Forty techniques. All the martial arts. No stylistic differences. No duplicate techniques. Just the sheer, pure, workable real thing.

I selected a student and began teaching him the 40 techniques. He was a green belt, and within a month he was beating black belts regularly.

I taught another student. Same thing.

And, what was most important, is that in doing this, in finding my ‘solution,’ I had the simple concepts of the martial arts in plain sight. Easy to see. Hard to deny.

The truth is simple.

I was able to understand Aikido, karate was a no brainer, even the mystical concepts of ancient kung fu turned out to be easy as pie.

The short story is that these courses are all available on another website.

The long story is that I wasn’t finished.

I had solved the martial arts, but I hadn’t created my own art.

If you learn what somebody else considers art, you are learning his art, what is unique to him, what works for him. This is not bad, but it is not unique for you. It is not what works for you.

I began creating my own art; I began creating ‘Monkey Boxing.’

Monkey Boxing is based on the forty techniques I originally discovered. The interesting thing, however, is that with the forty techniques I had discovered the end of my art before I discovered the beginning.

Monkey Boxing is a catalog of grab arts, but I needed entry methods to make them work. I needed a purely empty hands portion of the art. And, I needed to add weapons to the thing.

So Monkey Boxing consists of three parts:

empty hands

grab arts


The three parts are completely logical. Take away the weapons and the empty hands becomes real. Or, put weapons in the empty hands and you have a completely logical and workable weapon system. And the grab arts come out of the hand techniques. No ‘letting go and regrabbing,’ No mystery about translating a punch into a grab. Everything fits together like a hand in a glove. Perfect.

Do you want to learn a perfect martial arts system? One that grows intuitively out of any movement?

Do you want to learn something where each move leads exactly and directly into the next move with no seams?

Do you want to learn something that is totally street usable? No gap between the techniques and what you would do on the street?

Do you want to learn an art that has no mystery, no missing pieces, is not a put together of what some fellow many ages ago put together just because it suited him?

Do you want to learn a system that is ten times better than ANYTHING you have ever studied in the martial arts?

Do you want to learn Monkey Boxing?

Because this is your chance.

  1. No ancient myth.
  2. Not put together by whim.
  3. Not based on politics.
  4. Free from tournaments.
  5. Not put together by vested interest.
  6. Just the true, pure, sweet reality of a perfect martial art.
  7. That’s Monkey Boxing. Here’s the link: