Monkey Boxing

 You Live in a Dangerous World!


Maybe it’s time you became a dangerous person…

So you decide to study the martial arts. But it’s hard to become dangerous in the martial arts because techniques have been watered down for children or altered for tournaments. And there is always the problem of politics, contracts, and people who are good, but aren’t good teachers.

In one particular art you learn 500 techniques, none of which will work on the street, none of which have anything to do with real fighting. And this is proven because the art is taught in two distinct segments: there are the 500 techniques…and there is freestyle. Two separate and unrelated arts.

So you decide to go classical. After all, the classical arts have been around for thousands of years, right? Except that most arts, in spite of the ‘histories,’ which are basically old style advertising lines, were formulated in the past 100 years. And, not to pick on the classical arts, have you ever seen anybody use an outward block in a fight? Or any of the other moves you see in the classical forms?

Okay, there’s a guy who just put together a new system, tossed out the crap, quotes Bruce Lee (discard what doesn’t work…’), and he looks REALLY tough. Except that his ‘new’ system is sort of a generic MMA…with a few Wing Chun drills tossed in.

So, here I am, popping bubbles, insulting arts, and generally raining on your parade. So if I know so much…what is the real solution?

I’m glad you asked.

For years I have operated the website.

On that site I take apart the martial arts using a specific form of logic called ‘Matrixing.’ I offer courses to help people take apart the martial arts, understand them, put them together in a more logical fashion. I even claim that you can learn the martial arts 3 to 10 times faster.

That is all true. The site has been up and running since about 2002, and in spite of what bozos have to say about me in chat rooms, my courses have been selling, without complaint or return, that whole time.

One thing you need to understand about what I’ve been selling is that matrixing is a form of logic, it can be applied to all martial arts, it can improve all martial arts…but it is NOT a martial art.

It took me several decades to figure matrixing out. What took me longer was to figure out an absolutely perfect martial art.

It took me several decades to discover the principles and formulate my own art.

Not a rehash of karate, or some kung fu style, but a completely new and ten times more efficient martial art.

That art is called Monkey Boxing; this site is about that art. It is about my art, the art that I created, using matrixing, the art that I feel is the best, most efficient, highest quality martial art in the universe.

  • A short series of short forms; easy to remember, because you can’t use complex things in combat.
  • A method of learning how to freestyle that will introduce you to reading attacker’s minds within a few hours of training.
  • Matrixing theories such as the ‘Circle of Blocks.’
  • Matrixing concepts such as the ‘Matrix of Blocks.’
  • COMPLETE weapons training.
  • And a LOT more.

And, unless you have bought my video courses, much of what I show you has never  been seen.

My ‘Rolling Fists’ drill is NOT a rehash of Wing Chun, or some derivation on a JKD drill. It is original stuff, designed by myself over a few decades of research.

My method of freestyle has NEVER been seen. You don’t just fight to get better; you IMMEDIATELY beginning instilling yourself with a zen state of mind, a state of mind which causes your instinctive and intuitive improvement in the martial arts.

Most of what I do is original, and the reason for this is simple: for as long as man has been around he has taken what existed and tried to improve it. Generation after generation of instructors, adding to, building on, all convinced that what they are doing is new, drastic, and necessary.

Thus, the martial arts have become a huge, bloated pig, filled with misinformation, inefficient training methods, and people who are desperate to become ‘The authority.’

They lost the simple truth of fighting. A truth which, I might add, includes a profound spiritual growth.

Heck, I mentioned the classical arts a few words ago, right? Let’s look at them as an example of what has happened to the martial arts.

The classical martial artist trains endlessly to use the four basic blocks of karate, the low block, the high block, the inward block, and the outward block. In spite of the fact that none of these blocks has  almost NEVER been used on the street.

But people keep training in them, sending them down the generations of history, turning out instructors who teach the same worthless drivel.

Well, there is a purpose for these four blocks, but none of these instructors know what it is, and they never will. They can’t, for they are trapped by the very method they propose.

The fact of the matter is that to block a strike there are two motions that must precede a hard block, and nobody knows what they are.

You don’t know what they are. I’m not being rude, it’s just a fact: you don’t know what the two motions that precede a hard block are, no matter how long you have trained.

I know this is true because NOBODY has ever described, explained, or even mentioned the two moves, except in the most peripheral fashion.

They can’t know the two moves because they are embraced by the fantasies of the martial arts, trapped in the systems they espouse.

People train for lifetimes…if he does this I’ll do that. And that is the very definition of a fantasy.

Or they base their art on the old saw: if you don’t get in the ring, if you don’t really hit somebody, and get hit, then you don’t know the martial arts.

Heck, if you are practicing getting hit then you certainly aren’t learning the martial arts!

So the fantasies never come true, but people keep training in them, they keep perpetuating the fantasies, and they never figure out the simple truth of the martial arts.

I did figure it out. I put aside the fantasy and looked at the reality.

And the reality is not JKD or Krav Maga or MMA or Brazilian Jujitsu or ANY other martial art current on this planet. No matter how could those arts may be, they do not present the simple truth of the martial arts.

The reality is that if you are studying the martial arts, even the most hard core, reality based martial arts, you are studying a fantasy.

And the reality is that if you study Monkey Boxing you will shortly be putting aside your fantasy and discovering the true martial arts.

Not the inefficient block and strike that is never used in combat.

Not a form of MMA or Jujitsu, which is fine except that not all fights (in spite of what you may have been told) go to the ground, and if they do then somebody’s friends are all going to gather around and kick your head while you are so rolling.

Not a fantasy of ‘if he does that I’ll do this…’, or my art is the best because my instructor has really big trophies in the window, or some other fantasy.

The Monkey Boxing that I teach is the straight goods. Monkey Boxing dispels myth and fantasy, and that will make you into a truly dangerous person.

Of course, you can always settle for not being dangerous.

By the way…

1 MILLION home invasions in the US last year.

2 MILLION burglaries in the US last year.

29 RIOTS in the US since 2010 (LA riots of ’92 ~ 50 dead, 2300 injured)

61 SCHOOL SHOOTINGS in the US since 2015 (85 dead, 139 injured)

Perhaps the biggest fantasy of all is the idea that you are safe in these United States.

But, if you put aside your fantasies, if you study Monkey Boxing…you will be a lot safer.

You may even survive the coming lawlessness and riots and even insurrection that are happening in these United States.

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