Monkey Boxing

Monkey Boxing is the World’s First Totally Perfect Martial Art

I know some people out there are scratching their heads, wondering about Matrix Karate, or some of the other martial arts I have developed or…’purified.’

Matrix Karate is perfect, but it is limited by being karate.

Monkey Boxing is an unlimited martial art. It is not bound by style, but rather developed by science.

I still recommend Matrix Karate, and sometimes other Martial Arts, for they teach things like the ability to ground the weight, how to structure the body properly, how to run energy through the structure of the body, and so much more. I recommend these arts before Monkey Boxing, because they establish a base for Monkey Boxing. The original Matrix Karate course is available at


The above being noted, Monkey Boxing is not used to teach one how to ground the body, or structure it or energize it; it is used for one purpose, to teach a student how to logically, scientifically and systematically take apart and render the body of an opponent.

No mystery, as in mysterious chi.

No tournaments or games.

Simply the logical destruction of another human body.

To be sure, no other art actually does this.

Other arts teach various techniques which may, or may not, fit together in some loose sort of philosophy or scheme.

Other arts are whimsical put togethers, the results of fighter’s favorite techniques, tournament drilling, politics, and so on.

Other arts are fantasies based on ‘If he does this, I will do that,’ which automatically removes one from the moment.

Other arts are random sequences of tricks which, after several years, may make sense. Or maybe not.

Monkey Boxing makes sense right from the beginning.


Consider the first technique you learn.

In boxing it might be a jab (or might not, depending on who you learn from and what his favorite techniques are).

In Aikido it is going with your opponent, ignoring development of kicks, punches, blocks, hard throws, and whatever else in the search for a mystical world harmony.

In karate it is hard blocks and strikes. Which is fine, except that most karate is altered for tournaments, and limited to force.

In Kenpo it is some 500-700 techniques which you will never utilize in actual fighting.

And so on for every art.

The truth is this: all martial arts are pieces of the same puzzle. And these pieces are often presented as if they contradict each other.

My art is not better than your art, it is merely a different side of it.

Monkey Boxing is all the arts. It is fighting and throws and blocks and…without being fighting or throws or blocks or…whatever. And it is scientifically designed to be quick, efficient, and to merge with the other pieces of the art seamlessly and intuitively.


When you learn karate you learn how to block, though you will likely never use the blocks in fighting. They are more for learning the structure of the body.

Thus, blocking comes later, after the initiation of the fight.

What comes before blocking?

And, what comes before the ‘grab’ used in various throws?

Interestingly, this one item is common to every art, yet there are very few techniques which utilize it, and none that showcase it as the center and origination of all martial arts.

This one item is what Monkey Boxing is based on. Before the block, before the grab, a simple movement common to all arts that nobody understands or appreciates. Even if they have done it a million times.

I teach this one concept/move in the first few lessons, and the whole rest of Monkey boxing, hundreds of video clips, is dedicated to understanding it, applying it, drilling it, and making it work.

The result is a martial artist who is prepared before the block, before the grab, at the initiation of a fight and not (in some stylized manner) after it has begun.

So you learn the first move, you are intrigued sufficient to explore a bit further, here is what is going to happen.

  • A complete breakdown of the four attacks which grow out of the initial move.
  • A complete list of the simple throws growing directly out of this initial move. These moves will include both sides of the body and will be the most workable locks/throws you have ever seen.
  • A method for learning how to fight that works within two hours; you will be a dedicated Monkey Boxer within two hours of learning this drill.
  • How to adapt the initial move into weapons.
  • A complete breakdown of the eight ways one can use a weapon, any weapon.
  • How to translate weapons into hands, complete with locks and throws.

In the end you will know, and be able to use, the world’s first and only totally perfect Martial Art.


The course consists of several sections. Following re the sections, along with the advice to do these sections with a partner.


A breakdown of the Matrix Karate drills pertinent to Monkey Boxing. These are forms and two man forms, along with a list of totally scientific and logical martial arts techniques.


Monkey Boxing basics, including the initial technique, the four attacks, and a breakdown of how Monkey Boxing scientifically breaks down the attack. this includes the various locks/throws which are completely logical, and should be the only locks/throws one initially learns in the martial arts.


The single Monkey Boxing fighting drill that creates a complete fighter within two quick hours.


Monkey Boxing Weapons part one. The four patterns that make up effective weapons training and fighting. Includes drills, techniques and disarms to make it work.


Monkey Boxing Weapons part two. The second four patterns that make up effective weapons training and fighting. Includes drills, techniques and disarms to make it work.

These five sections will change you as a person, change you as a martial artist.

You will stop living in the fantasy world of ‘if he does this, I’ll do that!’ Instead you will be forced to live in the moment, to be ‘now.’ This is very enlightening and is described in detail by the concept of muslin no shin (mind of no mind).

You will begin changing all your arts to match the perfection of Monkey Boxing.

You will stop fighting and begin the much more efficient process of analyzing an opponent, and scientifically rendering him.

No more mysticism.

No more useless techniques (you will be able to change them to make them useful).

For the first time in your life you will know a perfect martial art, and you will know that the martial arts aren’t about fighting…they are about scientifically assessing, doing exactly the right thing, and walking away.

Doesn’t matter what kind of chaos you are in…you will calmly dissect the opponent, do only the right thing, and be the one who wins.

To read these words is like knowing water is wet, but never having touched water. You have to do the art, do it until it does you, and then you will be the true and total artist that you want to be.