Monkey Boxing

Did you know that the martial arts are a fantasy?

Oh, yes, they will put you in good condition, and you will have an edge, but you will not have the real martial arts.

Why? Because they are based on ‘if he does this I will do that!’ That is a fantasy, and it never works out on the street.

The proof is very simple: how many times have you seen an outward block, or any classical block, used in freestyle?

Virtually none, and why is that?

Because in most arts you learn two arts. You learn the art with all the tricks and forms and such, which is basically a ‘fantasy,’  and you learn the art of freestyle, and the unfortunate truth is that your freestyle, originating from the fantasy, is sadly equipped for use in the real world.

Consider Kenpo, 500 odd techniques that are NEVER used in fighting.

And this is true for most martial arts. Even the classical Japanese karate,  Aikido, Tai Chi…

They are all a fantasy.

But maybe you understand all this…and maybe you have decided to ‘fix the fantasy’ by going MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, because, doggonit, it ain’t real till you get in the ring and test it! Right?

Well, sorry to say, that is all just another fantasy. And it is a fantasy with drastic consequences. If you roll on the street you might be falling on concrete, fighting for your life while your opponent calls for his friends to come over and stomp your head while he holds you down.

And, if you want to know the truth, these days most UFC contests end with knock outs, grappling only accounts for a small number of ‘victories.’

No, this website is not about classical arts, or Mixed Martial Arts, or any of those fantasies.

It is aimed at something else entirely…getting rid of your fantasies.

My art is based on something called Matrixing. Matrixing is logic applied to martial arts. In Matrixing there is never any ‘what if,’ You always train with the exact and correct idea of what the other fellow is going to do.

No fantasy, only the actual truth of fighting.

Let me explain something.

Every martial art is a put together of techniques that some fellow loved.

If he loves grappling, MMA, then he collects those techniques, and ignores everything else. 

Or he stumbles across ‘sticking energy’ from Wing Chun or Preying Mantis, so he builds an art around those concepts, and shoves other concepts into a ‘BTW box.’

That’s what worked for him, doggonit, and he doesn’t see, no matter what he might say, that what worked for him might not work for everybody.

And when other people start trying to put in types of striking, kicks, ‘sticky energy,’ absorbing energy (tai chi chuan), ki harmony (Aikido) they are starting from behind the gun, trying to make those concepts fit into a mold that has already been cast.

It just doesn’t work.

And the martial arts become ever more confused, mismatched, disharmonious, unworkable fantasies.

No matter how many tricks one has, if there is no logic, there is no real art. It’s like calling a stew a cow. Sure, there are ribs and intestines and hooves and such, but that doesn’t make a cow.

Only the correctly assembled whole makes a cow.

Monkey Boxing is not a put together; it is a scientifically designed whole.

When I put together Matrix Karate, I thought I had the whole thing. Then I put together Matrix Kung Fu (my first Monkey Boxing course), and I was quite happy to see how it all worked together. Blocks and strikes…followed by joint locks and takedowns. What a dream set up!

It was years before I finally realized that I had fallen into the same trap so many others had fallen into: Karate is not designed for certain throws and locks. Karate is designed for a specific distance, and this distance is false, a fantasy, and I needed to get closer to make the locks work.

Okey dokey, I did. I got closer. And suddenly it hit me: even my perfect Karate was a fantasy.

So I developed the second part of the system. 

Karate is necessary for teaching how to ground the weight, how to align the body, how to synchronize the body so it works as one unit.

The second part of the system, the actual Monkey Boxing, moves in closer and deals with real strikes.

Not the stiff karate punches that one doesn’t see, but the jabs and hooks, the uppercuts and crosses, that are the real punches on sees in a fight.

Now, truth, Karate will work against these, but the distance is false; the system was designed by orientals who didn’t have boxing. So it doesn’t work all the time.

And, further, boxing doesn’t have the unique discipline, the systematic method for learning cause and effect, correct responses, and the whole zen thing.

Guaranteed, boxing has produced no zen artists who went on to become poets, calligraphers, painters of extraordinary vision and magnitude.

MMA is stuck in the boxing ‘vision,’ or lack of vision.

People roll and pop their knees, dislocate elbows, and all the time think they are tough because they are on the mat where things get real. And imagine their surprise when, later on in life, their injuries turn into arthritis, they get stiff and find simple walking difficult.

Ever heard an MMA fighter slur his words?

It wasn’t because he started out like Beavis and Butthead, talking trash, it is because they have, like boxers before them, been battered into concussion.

Monkey Boxing avoids all that.

Monkey Boxing has three basic parts, each part is scientifically taught so that you never learn poser techniques, can avoid going to the ground, and never do the wrong thing in a fight.

First there is the karate section. Pieces of Matrix Karate, which teach how to ground the weight, how to align the body, all while training you to do the right things, and only the right thing, in a fight.

Second, there is the Monkey Boxing section. An entire art based around the one concept that virtually nobody knows, and even if they do know it, have no understanding of the significance.

This entire art is based around fighting, handling ANY type of strike, evolving from handling any strike through multiple counters to a takedown. It is absolutely devastating.

Third, there is the weapons portion of Monkey Boxing. This expands into every every conceivable weapon, and can be applied to every conceivable grab art.

Three sections, and they don’t take long to understand, and even to master. This is not a quickie, internet scam. I’ve been in busy since the 1980s, and I’ve had an internet presence since 2002, when I published my first website (

That website, incidentally, is still up, and is the centerpiece for helping people understand the Matrixing logic that I developed and use in my arts.

The reason my art is so fast and easy to learn is because it is logical. It is not bits and pieces of various things thrown together, it is the exact science of putting together body movements so they make sense.

Think about it, the mind likes what is simple and logical. It absorbs the simple and logical easily; it does not reject material that makes sense.

The only reason you have difficult time remembering martial arts techniques and such is when they aren’t logical. When things aren’t logical you have to drill endlessly, trying to remember. When things are simply they just go into your mind and stay…and are immediately useful.

And, even if you don’t subscribe to my theory of logic and simplicity, I want you to consider something: Chuck Norris earned his black belt in a year and a half,  and Joe Lewis earned his black belt in 7 months Mike Stone, arguably the greatest tournament fighter of all time, received his black belt in 6 months!

Sure, these are very talented people, but they were studying the martial arts before they got mixed up and confused, before the advent of ‘car contracts,’ and they never had the advantage of matrixing logic.

And here’s something to think about. In the beginning of this article I talked about the ‘the real art.’ Have you ever wondered what the real art is?

The real martial art is when you see things before they happen. When you have a sixth sense that is like the hair raising on the back of your neck, but results in actual motion…even when you don’t see the threat.

This is actually easier to understand than you might think.

You drive home every day. You get used to where the people run stop signs, where kids play and the ball flies into the street, where the homeless guys wander in the street.

After a while you don’t have to think about these things, you get used to them and you just ‘know them.’

Martial Arts, real martial arts, are like that, but the fact of knowing when somebody is going to strike, how they are going to strike, becomes that sixth sense, warning you before the situation even occurs.

You start to read the minds of people hostile to you. You see what they are going to do; you are a step ahead.

That is the real martial art, and that is what I am selling.

Sure, you can beat anybody, even in the ring, with enough practice, but that is just a pale shadow compared to your true abilities, abilities which will be unlocked when you study the true martial art.

In closing I want to leave you with my original instruction for understanding the martial arts.

If you gave a fellow a 4, 7, elephant, 1, 3 and tangerine, and asked him to count to ten, he would never get there.

But if you gave him a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, he would not only find 10, he would shortly be counting in tens, multiplying, and solving the riddles of the universe.

That’s what matrixing is, and I have applied matrixing to create the world’s first and only COMPLETE martial art. From mechanics to physics, from open hands to weapons, from locks to takedowns to the zen state of mind that is the real evolution of mankind, this is Monkey Boxing is.

I have arranged Monkey Boxing in three ways. I have set up these three ways because people are different. There are people who think they know what I am doing, and wish to cherry pick what they learn. Then there are people who have studied others of my arts, and don’t wish to buy what they have already learned in one of my other courses. So the three methods are as follows.

First, there is the whole art, hundreds of videos, for one big price. CLICK HERE!

Second, I have arranged the whole art by belts, for people who wish to go through the art step by step, exactly as I have arranged it. CLICK HERE!

Third, I have listed the art by concepts and drills, so people who think they know better can pick and choose what they want to learn. CLICK HERE!