Simple Monkey Boxing Drills

Newsletter 12

Some Simple Drills

Three more videos are up!
Sorry I’m two days late on this…
but here you go.

MB 43 Push and Roll to control arms ~

MB 44 Wristlock One ~

MB 45 Butterfly Form ~

The first video, Push and Control,
is a simple drill I came up with some 40+ years ago,
while learning Sticky Hands out of Wing chun.

The point here is that,
when you fight,
you point your arms at your opponent’s shoulders,
and you assume the dominant position
no matter what he does.

Whenever he punches you can push him in or out,
as long as you control the lines
from your hands to his shoulders.
He simply has to go around,
and you shift and angle,
and override.

This relates to the Override drill.
If you haven’t seen it yet,
it should be coming up soon.

The second drill is a wrist lock drill
which I developed over 40 years ago,
while taking Aikido.

I had done the basic wrist locks in Karate,
and began searching for a faster way
to assimilate all the more advanced locks
I was learning in Aikido.

This led to the realization
that techniques are for specific, static situations.
When you do drills like this one
the situation becomes more fluid,
and you have more doors opening,
and more locks to draw from.

The Butterfly Form.
This is one of those little gems
from my article writing period.

I used to put things like this in the magazine
and wait to see if anyone would get it.

Very few did,
yet you could feel people out there
looking and wondering.

The problem is that so many people become hidebound,
unable to learn.
They simply become used to copy catting
and never use their own mind.

people who have been in the art,
maybe 30-40 years,
can break through this resistance to education,
but when they are young,
they know too much to be bothered
to learn anything.

that brings me to something I found amusing,
maybe helpful to you.

I received much kind words
on the blog I wrote on Closed Combat Systems.
I think it’s in the blog at Monster
if you haven’t seen it.
So thanks for those kind words.

in that same batch of emails,
came one of those particularly useless attacks.

I don’t mind controversy,
I don’t care if somebody disagrees with me,
I’ll put those comments up.

But this guy wasn’t interested in disagreeing with me,
he was just interested in telling me
how worthless I was.

He ‘evaluated’ one of my vids,
told me how my wrist was to stiff,
my arm too long,
my head too small.

when somebody calls me an idiot,
I sort of enjoy it,
it gives me a kick.

I’ve written some 70 books,
revamped the martial arts with logic,
and been pretty honest about it all.

Here’s some beginner,
maybe 20 years experience,
and he is attacking me.

he falls into a category of malcontent
I have already experienced,
and I have seen his type a hundred times.

more than simply,
what drives him?
Why does he feel compelled to attack me out of the blue?

Not because he is saving the martial arts from me,
because I have contributed much,
tons of books and vids and articles and such,
and he has contributed,
by a quick search of the net,

there is a truth here.
People attack others because they are scared of them.
That is the dirty, little secret of the bully.
He’s scared.

And something about my sharing the art freely,
offering science over mysticism,
has this particular fellow terrified.

He’s scared,
you see,
of losing his mysticism,
he is probably making money,
or at least getting his rocks off,
by sharing mysticism.

Mysticism is what you don’t understand,
so you elevate it,
whatever it is,
to a position of authority over yourself.

‘This secret chi thing,’
he says,
‘is a mystery reserved for the Gods,
and if you study under me long enough,
I will do what I can to help you understand it.’

Yet he doesn’t under it himself.
He might be okay with it,
even pretty good at it,
can do a few things,
but he can’t explain it.

I come along and explain it.

He freaks.

I’m threatening to take away his mystery,
his base of understanding (such as it is)
in the martial arts.

when these guys come along
and tell me how worthless I am,
I have to chuckle,
sometimes even guffaw.

I know what they know,
I’ve been through the mystery,
but they have not a clue as to what I know.

Not one of them,
you see,
has ever examined my work.

That’s like looking at an apple and saying,
‘that’s rotten because I don’t like red.’

Never tasted the apple,
you see,
just terrified of red.

to be very exact on this,
they say:
‘I don’t like Al’s logic,
because it is scaring me,
so I’m going to attack Al.’

They look at me as the shiny peel
around something they don’t understand.

There it is,
all of it.
Hope it helps you,
you know more than 99% of the martial artists out there,
and you’ll probably
(hopefully not)
run into your special idiot some day.

When you do,
tell him he’s right,
admit that you’re a doofus,
and he’s right,
then go on about your business.
That’s the best way to handle an idiot.

After all,
if you get enraged by an idiot,
he’s effected you,
if you fight an idiot,
you’ve become him.

Have a great work out!

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send them me:

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