How to Control Somebody without hurting Them!

Newsletter 13

Controlling an Opponent

Here’s three vids…

MB 46 Wrist Control 2 ~

MB 47 Foot Catcher 2 ~

MB 48 Butterfly Form Again ~

The point of the martial arts is to control somebody.
Not to destroy the opponent,
but to control him.

The philosophy would be something like this:
‘if you destroy everybody,
you have no one left to play with.’

But it goes a lot deeper than that simplicity.

To control somebody
can’t be done unless you can control yourself.
If you can control yourself
then you can go forward,
spiritually and as a martial artist.

That simple,
and that difficult.

The wrist techniques,
as in the first video above,
are actually called ‘Wrist controls.’

Somebody grabs you,
you control them.
if they are grabbing you,
you can actually close your eyes
and feel what their body is doing.

And that alone makes for a wonderful drill.
Have somebody close his eyes,
grab them,
and have them figure out the best method
for controlling the attacker.

the second video is foot catcher 2.
Footcatcher 2 is a gem.
you don’t learn it on the foot,
but on the arm.
When you can apply it to the arm,
then it makes it easier to understand the joints and angles of the ankle,
and easier to apply to that limb.

the butterfly form.
The essence,
is emphasizing how you control another person
through controlling distance.

That is the game.
That is the real martial arts.

you can break somebody,
kill him,
but there is no joy in that.

Some twenty years ago
i came across an article in one of the mags.
It concerned a fellow
who had actually used the martial arts,
in self defense,
and killed somebody.
He didn’t speak of joy and satisfaction,
he spoke of how he couldn’t sleep,
how he was obsessed with the idea
that maybe he couldn’t have done things different.

He was truly sorry he had become a killer.
He hadn’t planned to,
the situation arose,
he did what his training told him,
and became a killer.

was he sorry.

no matter what your art,
explore it for controlling factors.
Not for destruction,
but for pain and compliance,
that people may live,
and not die.
So you can live
without the deadly weight in your soul.

Have a great work out!

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