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Newsletter 14

Matrixing Open and Close Drills

Here’s three vids…

Thursday, February 9, 2017
MB 49 Moon Blocking Drill ~ Exploring the potentials of the Moon block through a series of realistic drills.

MB 51 Butterfly Blocking  Drill ~  Exploring the potentials of the Butterfly block through a series of realistic drills.

MB 52 Crescent Kick orig ~ I did a couple of vids on the crescent kick, a couple of viewpoints, making sure I had all the info right. Here’s the first.

we really take apart blocking drills,
put drilling to the theory
that there is only closing and opening
when you are blocking.

we double up the work by going from the stationary Moon,
to the moving Butterfly.

Should give you LOTS to think about.

The idea is that you should be able to stand
face to face,
not flinch,
because you have examined ALL the potentials of blocking,
and no one can give you
something you don’t know.

The trick behind this is to do the drill
until you can see it coming.

You see it before it happens.

The idea here
is that somebody throws a strike,
you react.

After a while
you see the telltale signs.
You see the lean,
the pre-torque,
and you don’t react act,
you just act.

as you delve deeper,
you will eventually see the thought.

There is ALWAYS a thought before an action.
A person’s body does not move
until the person tells it to.
You will see the thought
that tells the body to move.

At that point you are well out in front of the attack.

The original concept here
came from Kenpo.

became see/react

But this was insufficient,
it didn’t allow for growth into justing acting,
which is to say,
being bigger than your opponent
and seeing what he s going to do before he does it.

I’ve shortened the procedure up
by listing the matrix of open and close


But that’s what logic does.
It takes the adequate,
and makes it scientific,
and then intuition is possible.

The funny thing is that science doesn’t account for intuition.
Science talks about weird things,
and never takes into account
that there is a human being behind the action,
and that the human being always has different standards.
Differents ways of acing,
and so on.

Most people think they are animals,
so they fight or run.
The Monkey Boxer comes in touch with his spiritual nature,
so he has a lot more choices.
Threats don’t scare him,
because he has seen all the potentials.

It really is a different place to be.

Have a great work out!

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