Exploring the House Forms

Newsletter 14

Exploring the House

Here’s three vids…

MB 59 House Solo ~ https://youtu.be/w-nzddVdzQM

First I teach the form solo. I take the time to push on the form,

to make sure the body alignment is correct, and goes all the way to the ground.

I usually teach first the low block version, then the outward middle block version, and then the high block version. Then I put them together.

Sometimes I teach the two man version first, because it makes the blocks real, and shows the student how to be real in his form training right from the start.

MB 58 House One Two Man ~ https://youtu.be/8un9tgHFJxs

The two man version develops an appreciation for reality that is possible in no other two man form. This is so straightforward, so logical, and makes the student understand how to use this stuff in reality.

MB 60 House Techniques ~ https://youtu.be/OhhPYpu1ehE

Oddly, I don’t teach the techniques much, except when they go into grab arts. But the grab arts don’t start until the second house form. The fact is that the two man version of house one is so real it doesn’t need the techniques. Much better to just get into the form and drill it endlessly. You avoid a lot of talk about what works and why, situations, what ifs, and so on.


this week we’re going to take apart the first house form.

First the two man version,

then the solo version,

then the techniques.

I created house many years ago.

You can actually find an article on it

in the articles on the Monster site.

I was trying to make a better beginning form.

One that fit in with the matrixing concepts

I was developing.

I took a look at all the beginning karate forms,

I looked at the various disciplines,

went through all the karate styles.

One of the better forms was Short One,

from Kenpo.

The problem is that everybody does the form wrong.

The blocks break the basic alignment of the body,

there is improper preparation between blocks,

and so on.


I liked the form.

It did the four basic blocks

in the four basic directions,

but then it stopped.

The next form expanded,

but not logically.

There was no continuation of the concepts.

So house one was easier to learn,

could be adapted to two man versions,

and it led to House Two.

That’s the story behind house One,

work it hard,

and enjoy.

Your art will be better for it.

Have a great work out!


Any questions or clarifications

send them me:


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