Finding the Muse in the Martial Arts

Newsletter 16

Letting the Art Guide You

Here’s three vids…

Friday, February 3, 2017
MB 61 The Meaning of the Prayer ~ What is the meaning of that opening move in the forms? You’re going to find some interesting stuff here.

MB 62 Opening the Grab Arts ~ Really digging into he grab arts. This is specifically on wrists, but it opens the door to all sorts of other things.

MB 63 Aligning the Body ~ This is the straight skinny on how to use your body. If you don’t use it right you are inefficient, and can actually damage your body.

Sorry to be late,
I’ll get faster next week.

This week I was writing a book.
It’s funny,
when I write a book
everything gets put on hold.
I’m not one of these guys that makes an outline,
collects reams of notes,
shuffles through the mess in search of
some way to express myself
rewrite five times,
send it out for editing,
rewrite it three more times…

There are writers like that,
you know.

I can usually spot them
because they are boring.

Sometimes they are excellent,
but this is rare.
Mostly they are talky and boring.

When I write something hits me.
I run to the computer (literally)
and start writing.
I don’t stop until it is done.
I never have writer’s block,
I never have doubts,
it is like some higher power
has decided to use me.
Some people call it the ‘muse,’
and this concept is true.

I didn’t start out this way.
I started out boring,
writing the way I had been taught.
But teachers usually are telling about things
they have never done.

It wasn’t long,
just a few failed attempts,
and then I was sunk into the muse,
pushed about,
made to write
in a smooth,
beginning to end flow.

What does this have to do with the martial arts?


The more I do the martial arts
the greater is the muse,
the more powerful is this invisible hand
that shoves and guides me.

I don’t write,
I am written.

When I am done there is almost no need for editing.

That statement,
right there,
actually freaks other writers out.
They don’t know what to do with that.
“But everybody needs to get ‘checked!’”

Not if they have experience in cultivating the muse.

Overtime I do a form
I feel a spirit.
I feel something enveloping me.
I feel hidden hands guiding me.
I feel eyeballs searching over me
finding my mistakes and whispering of them
right into the middle of my cranium.

the more I feel this in the martial arts,
the more I feel it when I write.

Writing doesn’t have this discipline.
There is the discipline of forcing yourself to write,
I have never felt that.
I just feel the love of writing,
and can’t wait to doit.

I literally RUN to the computer.
and let myself be written.

I am sitting watching some stupid show on TV,
something picks me up,
deposits me outside,
in the garage,
at the dojo,
and I move.

I am moved.

But you have to commit yourself.
You have to know what you love,
and let your love guide you.

Very hard for most people.

But you are martial artists,
so you are already half way there.
All you have to do now is…
let yourself go.
Give yourself up.
Do…and feel yourself be guided.

Enjoy your work outs this week,
every work out is precious,
a chance to commune not just with yourself,
but with…everything.

Have a great work out!

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