A Look at the Monkey Boxing Method

MB Newsletter 17

A Look at the Method

Here’s three vids…

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
MB 64 1st 3 Forms ~ Revisiting and polishing the first three forms. Adding to the basic understanding of the forms and what they mean.

MB 65 Figure Four/Chicken Wing ~ Two slap grab grab arts designed break, or takedown, the opponent. Real sweet stuff.

MB 66 Lop Sau Refined ~ Deeper down the rabbit hole we go. Exploring options and applied grab arts.

Got a GREAT deal for you.

I never finished the book I was writing,
it’s just sits there half done,
but I’m not happy with it,
so I wait.

I promised you guys a book. (people on the subscription list)

I just finished a book,
it will be out in a couple of days.
It is titled:

The Science of Matrixing in the Martial Arts.

It includes a sequence of matrices,
ties all the theory together,
and presents the art as a complete science.

Not a book on technique.

here is the deal.

you are paid up,
then I will send you a FREE copy of the book.

All that i ask is that you take the time
to give me a five star rating on Amazon.
of course,
you feel it truly is unique,
never been done,
really summarizes the science.

check your subscription,
make sure you are paid,
I won’t send it to you later,
no second chances on this.

The book will be published within the week,
and I will set up a download page especially for you guys.

on to Monkey Boxing.

The three component parts of the martial arts are
techniques (drills)

In this weeks three videos we take a comprehensive look
at this arrangement in monkey boxing.

I’ll go over the forms again and again,
it just serves to reinforce and polish.

you’re going to love the slap grab variations on
figure four and chicken wing.
Just be careful when practicing them,
no force,
don’t go to far,
people’s arms will s-n-a-p!
Like twigs.
Thin twigs.
You’ll love it.

Lop Sau.
I invented lop sau.
Took pieces of things that were being taught,
primarily in JKD and Wing Chun,
and made a complete fighting drill out of it.

have fun,
shoot me any questions,
and don’t forget to make sure your subscription is up to date.

A FREE book depends on it.

Have a great work out!

Any questions or clarifications
send them me:


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