About Al Case

I began the Martial Arts in 1967.

Over the years I have studied Kenpo, Karate, Wing Chun, Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, weapons, and more.

I became a writer for the martial arts magazines, and had a column in Inside Karate.

I have written a score of Martial Arts training manuals.

I discovered Matrixing, which is the logic, and the only science, of the martial arts.

I discovered Neutronics, which is the science behind the science of Matrixing.

There is a comprehensive history of all this at MonsterMartialArts.com.

About This Site

The purpose of this site is instruction in the art of Monkey Boxing.

Monster Martial Arts describes the logic, the geometry, the science of all Martial Arts.

Monkey Boxing dismay art. The art I created after 50 years in the martial arts.

Thus, this site is where I can teach, on a personal level, the most advanced martial art I know; the product of 50 years of research into the martial arts.

You will find the history of Monkey Boxing, the specific and most important writings that lead to Monkey Boxing, the techniques and how to do them in the most infinite detail.

You will be able to ask questions.

You can write me (aganzul@gmail.com) with your questions. I will give you answers, and I may even choose your question to answer on the videos.

It is even possible to video test for rank.

This site is where you will learn all the things I’ve discovered, all the drills I’ve developed, and under my personal eye.

How the Site Works

Subscribe for $9,95 per month.

I will release 3 or 4 short video segments every week.

You can access the archives for past lessons, and make sure you don’t miss anything.

In short, this is the best, most comprehensive resource for the martial arts in the history of the world.

Have a great work out!