November 2016 Monkey Boxing Videos

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TUESDAY, NOV 1, 2016

MB 2 teaching kicks ~ Students sometimes get confused when learning kicks. They have to keep their balance, sink their weight, learn a foot configuration, learn focus, and so on and so on. The following method will simplify the process, and enable students to learn kicks twice as fast.

MB 3 basic rolling the fist ~ introducing the basic drill ‘Rolling the Fists.’ This drill was created by Al Case. It will double your speed and double your power within a VERY short time.

MB 4 basic technique ~ the first technique taught in the ACMB method. From a variety of entires, this sets the stage for learning takedowns.

MB 5 lo-hi-roll ~ teaching a specific technique from the Rolling Fist drill. You will see the theory translate to the drill, and the drill translate to combat reality. Very useful. Here is the Lo-Hi-Roll drill so you can inspect the quality and information on the individual segments.

Article ~ The Sequence of Monkey Boxing Videos ~ A short article giving advice as to how to order the various videos. Added 11-15-16.


MB 6 light kicks ~ in depth analysis of front snap kick, along with the incredible data on how to put ‘light kung fu’ into your kicks.

MB 7 Circle of Blocks ~ A very simple drill that doubles your hand speed, and protects the whole body. This is a basic that sets up the vicious Monkey Boxing attacks.

MB 8 Twining ~ How to twine an attack. Progresses from grabs to striking attacks. Incredibly easy to do…once you know the trick.

ARTICLE ~ Monkey Boxing Class Structure ~ Short  but concise article on arranging the data of Monkey Boxing to fit a class structure. Since the videos are not arranged sequentially, but rather depending on the ‘whim’ necessary to a free flowing class schedule, this article will prove invaluable in helping the student arrange the material in a teachable order. Added 11/10/16.

SUNDAY, NOV 12, 2016

MB 9 Monkey in a Box ~ Fascinating ground exercise that builds the whole body, grows kicking ability, and has one of the weirdest, oddest, stupidest (but neat) self defenses ever.

MB 10 Circle of Blocks and Kick/Punch ~ Basic exercise connects blocks and strikes in an incredibly fluid motion.

MB 11 Sword Catcher ~ One of the Eight Catchers, this is a basic disarm that morphs into some mighty powerful defenses.

MB 12 2 Step Sword Catcher ~ Sword Catcher opened up, put together with Aikido flow style footwork. Adding flow to a technique REALLY powers it up.


MB 13 Kima Chasie ~ The right way to meditate in the Horse Stance. Creates tons of internal energy…if you can take it! Not commonly known, Al has been doing this meditation since the late 1960’s

MB 14 Flower of Blocks ~ A fantastic solo exercise for doubling your hand speed! Created by Al strictly for speed.

MB 15 Moon Form ~ The first Monkey Boxing Form. Builds a structure that can handle the energy Monkey Boxing builds. 


MB 17 Moon Applications ~ Analyzing the Moon form for applications.

MB 18 Grab Hands ~ An exercise nobody knows, nobody knows why it is so important, and yet is so-o-o simple. It build emptiness in megatons, and increases hand speed.

MB 19 Monkey Blast ~ Excellent drill for training one to use the right weapon at the right time…especially when distance collapses.

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