A Look at the Monkey Boxing Method

MB Newsletter 17

A Look at the Method

Here’s three vids…

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
MB 64 1st 3 Forms ~ Revisiting and polishing the first three forms. Adding to the basic understanding of the forms and what they mean.

MB 65 Figure Four/Chicken Wing ~ Two slap grab grab arts designed break, or takedown, the opponent. Real sweet stuff.

MB 66 Lop Sau Refined ~ Deeper down the rabbit hole we go. Exploring options and applied grab arts.

Got a GREAT deal for you.

I never finished the book I was writing,
it’s just sits there half done,
but I’m not happy with it,
so I wait.

I promised you guys a book. (people on the subscription list)

I just finished a book,
it will be out in a couple of days.
It is titled:

The Science of Matrixing in the Martial Arts.

It includes a sequence of matrices,
ties all the theory together,
and presents the art as a complete science.

Not a book on technique.

here is the deal.

you are paid up,
then I will send you a FREE copy of the book.

All that i ask is that you take the time
to give me a five star rating on Amazon.
of course,
you feel it truly is unique,
never been done,
really summarizes the science.

check your subscription,
make sure you are paid,
I won’t send it to you later,
no second chances on this.

The book will be published within the week,
and I will set up a download page especially for you guys.

on to Monkey Boxing.

The three component parts of the martial arts are
techniques (drills)

In this weeks three videos we take a comprehensive look
at this arrangement in monkey boxing.

I’ll go over the forms again and again,
it just serves to reinforce and polish.

you’re going to love the slap grab variations on
figure four and chicken wing.
Just be careful when practicing them,
no force,
don’t go to far,
people’s arms will s-n-a-p!
Like twigs.
Thin twigs.
You’ll love it.

Lop Sau.
I invented lop sau.
Took pieces of things that were being taught,
primarily in JKD and Wing Chun,
and made a complete fighting drill out of it.

have fun,
shoot me any questions,
and don’t forget to make sure your subscription is up to date.

A FREE book depends on it.

Have a great work out!

Any questions or clarifications
send them me:


Finding the Muse in the Martial Arts

Newsletter 16

Letting the Art Guide You

Here’s three vids…

Friday, February 3, 2017
MB 61 The Meaning of the Prayer ~ What is the meaning of that opening move in the forms? You’re going to find some interesting stuff here.

MB 62 Opening the Grab Arts ~ Really digging into he grab arts. This is specifically on wrists, but it opens the door to all sorts of other things.

MB 63 Aligning the Body ~ This is the straight skinny on how to use your body. If you don’t use it right you are inefficient, and can actually damage your body.

Sorry to be late,
I’ll get faster next week.

This week I was writing a book.
It’s funny,
when I write a book
everything gets put on hold.
I’m not one of these guys that makes an outline,
collects reams of notes,
shuffles through the mess in search of
some way to express myself
rewrite five times,
send it out for editing,
rewrite it three more times…

There are writers like that,
you know.

I can usually spot them
because they are boring.

Sometimes they are excellent,
but this is rare.
Mostly they are talky and boring.

When I write something hits me.
I run to the computer (literally)
and start writing.
I don’t stop until it is done.
I never have writer’s block,
I never have doubts,
it is like some higher power
has decided to use me.
Some people call it the ‘muse,’
and this concept is true.

I didn’t start out this way.
I started out boring,
writing the way I had been taught.
But teachers usually are telling about things
they have never done.

It wasn’t long,
just a few failed attempts,
and then I was sunk into the muse,
pushed about,
made to write
in a smooth,
beginning to end flow.

What does this have to do with the martial arts?


The more I do the martial arts
the greater is the muse,
the more powerful is this invisible hand
that shoves and guides me.

I don’t write,
I am written.

When I am done there is almost no need for editing.

That statement,
right there,
actually freaks other writers out.
They don’t know what to do with that.
“But everybody needs to get ‘checked!’”

Not if they have experience in cultivating the muse.

Overtime I do a form
I feel a spirit.
I feel something enveloping me.
I feel hidden hands guiding me.
I feel eyeballs searching over me
finding my mistakes and whispering of them
right into the middle of my cranium.

the more I feel this in the martial arts,
the more I feel it when I write.

Writing doesn’t have this discipline.
There is the discipline of forcing yourself to write,
I have never felt that.
I just feel the love of writing,
and can’t wait to doit.

I literally RUN to the computer.
and let myself be written.

I am sitting watching some stupid show on TV,
something picks me up,
deposits me outside,
in the garage,
at the dojo,
and I move.

I am moved.

But you have to commit yourself.
You have to know what you love,
and let your love guide you.

Very hard for most people.

But you are martial artists,
so you are already half way there.
All you have to do now is…
let yourself go.
Give yourself up.
Do…and feel yourself be guided.

Enjoy your work outs this week,
every work out is precious,
a chance to commune not just with yourself,
but with…everything.

Have a great work out!

Any questions or clarifications
send them me:


Exploring the House Forms

Newsletter 14

Exploring the House

Here’s three vids…

MB 59 House Solo ~ https://youtu.be/w-nzddVdzQM

First I teach the form solo. I take the time to push on the form,

to make sure the body alignment is correct, and goes all the way to the ground.

I usually teach first the low block version, then the outward middle block version, and then the high block version. Then I put them together.

Sometimes I teach the two man version first, because it makes the blocks real, and shows the student how to be real in his form training right from the start.

MB 58 House One Two Man ~ https://youtu.be/8un9tgHFJxs

The two man version develops an appreciation for reality that is possible in no other two man form. This is so straightforward, so logical, and makes the student understand how to use this stuff in reality.

MB 60 House Techniques ~ https://youtu.be/OhhPYpu1ehE

Oddly, I don’t teach the techniques much, except when they go into grab arts. But the grab arts don’t start until the second house form. The fact is that the two man version of house one is so real it doesn’t need the techniques. Much better to just get into the form and drill it endlessly. You avoid a lot of talk about what works and why, situations, what ifs, and so on.


this week we’re going to take apart the first house form.

First the two man version,

then the solo version,

then the techniques.

I created house many years ago.

You can actually find an article on it

in the articles on the Monster site.

I was trying to make a better beginning form.

One that fit in with the matrixing concepts

I was developing.

I took a look at all the beginning karate forms,

I looked at the various disciplines,

went through all the karate styles.

One of the better forms was Short One,

from Kenpo.

The problem is that everybody does the form wrong.

The blocks break the basic alignment of the body,

there is improper preparation between blocks,

and so on.


I liked the form.

It did the four basic blocks

in the four basic directions,

but then it stopped.

The next form expanded,

but not logically.

There was no continuation of the concepts.

So house one was easier to learn,

could be adapted to two man versions,

and it led to House Two.

That’s the story behind house One,

work it hard,

and enjoy.

Your art will be better for it.

Have a great work out!


Any questions or clarifications

send them me:


Monkey Boxing Slap-Grab Drills

Newsletter 14

Matrixing Open and Close Drills

Here’s three vids…

Thursday, February 9, 2017
MB 49 Moon Blocking Drill ~ Exploring the potentials of the Moon block through a series of realistic drills.

MB 51 Butterfly Blocking  Drill ~  Exploring the potentials of the Butterfly block through a series of realistic drills.

MB 52 Crescent Kick orig ~ I did a couple of vids on the crescent kick, a couple of viewpoints, making sure I had all the info right. Here’s the first.

we really take apart blocking drills,
put drilling to the theory
that there is only closing and opening
when you are blocking.

we double up the work by going from the stationary Moon,
to the moving Butterfly.

Should give you LOTS to think about.

The idea is that you should be able to stand
face to face,
not flinch,
because you have examined ALL the potentials of blocking,
and no one can give you
something you don’t know.

The trick behind this is to do the drill
until you can see it coming.

You see it before it happens.

The idea here
is that somebody throws a strike,
you react.

After a while
you see the telltale signs.
You see the lean,
the pre-torque,
and you don’t react act,
you just act.

as you delve deeper,
you will eventually see the thought.

There is ALWAYS a thought before an action.
A person’s body does not move
until the person tells it to.
You will see the thought
that tells the body to move.

At that point you are well out in front of the attack.

The original concept here
came from Kenpo.

became see/react

But this was insufficient,
it didn’t allow for growth into justing acting,
which is to say,
being bigger than your opponent
and seeing what he s going to do before he does it.

I’ve shortened the procedure up
by listing the matrix of open and close


But that’s what logic does.
It takes the adequate,
and makes it scientific,
and then intuition is possible.

The funny thing is that science doesn’t account for intuition.
Science talks about weird things,
and never takes into account
that there is a human being behind the action,
and that the human being always has different standards.
Differents ways of acing,
and so on.

Most people think they are animals,
so they fight or run.
The Monkey Boxer comes in touch with his spiritual nature,
so he has a lot more choices.
Threats don’t scare him,
because he has seen all the potentials.

It really is a different place to be.

Have a great work out!

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How to Control Somebody without hurting Them!

Newsletter 13

Controlling an Opponent

Here’s three vids…

MB 46 Wrist Control 2 ~

MB 47 Foot Catcher 2 ~

MB 48 Butterfly Form Again ~

The point of the martial arts is to control somebody.
Not to destroy the opponent,
but to control him.

The philosophy would be something like this:
‘if you destroy everybody,
you have no one left to play with.’

But it goes a lot deeper than that simplicity.

To control somebody
can’t be done unless you can control yourself.
If you can control yourself
then you can go forward,
spiritually and as a martial artist.

That simple,
and that difficult.

The wrist techniques,
as in the first video above,
are actually called ‘Wrist controls.’

Somebody grabs you,
you control them.
if they are grabbing you,
you can actually close your eyes
and feel what their body is doing.

And that alone makes for a wonderful drill.
Have somebody close his eyes,
grab them,
and have them figure out the best method
for controlling the attacker.

the second video is foot catcher 2.
Footcatcher 2 is a gem.
you don’t learn it on the foot,
but on the arm.
When you can apply it to the arm,
then it makes it easier to understand the joints and angles of the ankle,
and easier to apply to that limb.

the butterfly form.
The essence,
is emphasizing how you control another person
through controlling distance.

That is the game.
That is the real martial arts.

you can break somebody,
kill him,
but there is no joy in that.

Some twenty years ago
i came across an article in one of the mags.
It concerned a fellow
who had actually used the martial arts,
in self defense,
and killed somebody.
He didn’t speak of joy and satisfaction,
he spoke of how he couldn’t sleep,
how he was obsessed with the idea
that maybe he couldn’t have done things different.

He was truly sorry he had become a killer.
He hadn’t planned to,
the situation arose,
he did what his training told him,
and became a killer.

was he sorry.

no matter what your art,
explore it for controlling factors.
Not for destruction,
but for pain and compliance,
that people may live,
and not die.
So you can live
without the deadly weight in your soul.

Have a great work out!

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Simple Monkey Boxing Drills

Newsletter 12

Some Simple Drills

Three more videos are up!
Sorry I’m two days late on this…
but here you go.

MB 43 Push and Roll to control arms ~

MB 44 Wristlock One ~

MB 45 Butterfly Form ~

The first video, Push and Control,
is a simple drill I came up with some 40+ years ago,
while learning Sticky Hands out of Wing chun.

The point here is that,
when you fight,
you point your arms at your opponent’s shoulders,
and you assume the dominant position
no matter what he does.

Whenever he punches you can push him in or out,
as long as you control the lines
from your hands to his shoulders.
He simply has to go around,
and you shift and angle,
and override.

This relates to the Override drill.
If you haven’t seen it yet,
it should be coming up soon.

The second drill is a wrist lock drill
which I developed over 40 years ago,
while taking Aikido.

I had done the basic wrist locks in Karate,
and began searching for a faster way
to assimilate all the more advanced locks
I was learning in Aikido.

This led to the realization
that techniques are for specific, static situations.
When you do drills like this one
the situation becomes more fluid,
and you have more doors opening,
and more locks to draw from.

The Butterfly Form.
This is one of those little gems
from my article writing period.

I used to put things like this in the magazine
and wait to see if anyone would get it.

Very few did,
yet you could feel people out there
looking and wondering.

The problem is that so many people become hidebound,
unable to learn.
They simply become used to copy catting
and never use their own mind.

people who have been in the art,
maybe 30-40 years,
can break through this resistance to education,
but when they are young,
they know too much to be bothered
to learn anything.

that brings me to something I found amusing,
maybe helpful to you.

I received much kind words
on the blog I wrote on Closed Combat Systems.
I think it’s in the blog at Monster
if you haven’t seen it.
So thanks for those kind words.

in that same batch of emails,
came one of those particularly useless attacks.

I don’t mind controversy,
I don’t care if somebody disagrees with me,
I’ll put those comments up.

But this guy wasn’t interested in disagreeing with me,
he was just interested in telling me
how worthless I was.

He ‘evaluated’ one of my vids,
told me how my wrist was to stiff,
my arm too long,
my head too small.

when somebody calls me an idiot,
I sort of enjoy it,
it gives me a kick.

I’ve written some 70 books,
revamped the martial arts with logic,
and been pretty honest about it all.

Here’s some beginner,
maybe 20 years experience,
and he is attacking me.

he falls into a category of malcontent
I have already experienced,
and I have seen his type a hundred times.

more than simply,
what drives him?
Why does he feel compelled to attack me out of the blue?

Not because he is saving the martial arts from me,
because I have contributed much,
tons of books and vids and articles and such,
and he has contributed,
by a quick search of the net,

there is a truth here.
People attack others because they are scared of them.
That is the dirty, little secret of the bully.
He’s scared.

And something about my sharing the art freely,
offering science over mysticism,
has this particular fellow terrified.

He’s scared,
you see,
of losing his mysticism,
he is probably making money,
or at least getting his rocks off,
by sharing mysticism.

Mysticism is what you don’t understand,
so you elevate it,
whatever it is,
to a position of authority over yourself.

‘This secret chi thing,’
he says,
‘is a mystery reserved for the Gods,
and if you study under me long enough,
I will do what I can to help you understand it.’

Yet he doesn’t under it himself.
He might be okay with it,
even pretty good at it,
can do a few things,
but he can’t explain it.

I come along and explain it.

He freaks.

I’m threatening to take away his mystery,
his base of understanding (such as it is)
in the martial arts.

when these guys come along
and tell me how worthless I am,
I have to chuckle,
sometimes even guffaw.

I know what they know,
I’ve been through the mystery,
but they have not a clue as to what I know.

Not one of them,
you see,
has ever examined my work.

That’s like looking at an apple and saying,
‘that’s rotten because I don’t like red.’

Never tasted the apple,
you see,
just terrified of red.

to be very exact on this,
they say:
‘I don’t like Al’s logic,
because it is scaring me,
so I’m going to attack Al.’

They look at me as the shiny peel
around something they don’t understand.

There it is,
all of it.
Hope it helps you,
you know more than 99% of the martial artists out there,
and you’ll probably
(hopefully not)
run into your special idiot some day.

When you do,
tell him he’s right,
admit that you’re a doofus,
and he’s right,
then go on about your business.
That’s the best way to handle an idiot.

After all,
if you get enraged by an idiot,
he’s effected you,
if you fight an idiot,
you’ve become him.

Have a great work out!

Any questions or clarifications
send them me:


The Instructor’s Viewpoint, and Monkey Boxing Warm Ups, and More.

Monkey Boxing Newsletter 8

Monkey Boxing Warm Ups and More

It’s Xmas,
Merry Xmas!
of course,

Got three new vids out for you.
Two of them on working out.

it is very important to get the teacher’s viewpoint.
You will see this in these videos.

you’re teaching yourself,
So it’s important.

But the logic here goes a bit further.

If you are the dummy (the receiver)
in training,
you learn how to take a punch,
how to see a punch,
how to analyze a punch from the viewpoint of one getting struck.
This is valuable data.

If you are the person doing the hitting,
you get to learn how to implement a technique,
how to drive through a block,
how to make it work in spite of anything
an opponent might do.
VERY valuable data.

But when you teach,
you get both viewpoints,
and you get outside the technique.
You start to understand it in a way
that a student,
be he attacker or defender,
will NEVER understand.
That is the MOST VALUABLE data of all.

So figure out these warm ups,
get your family members to warm up with you,
start to appreciate
how little people understand their bodies
and how to make them work.

see it from a teacher’s viewpoint
and you’ll suddenly understand things
like you NEVER understood them before.

Here’s the Christmas vids.

‘MB 30 Moon Form Variations’
Different way of doing the Moon form.
low level students repeat the form
until they can repeat it like robots.
they blow through circuits,
and will eventually make the moves intuitive.
they don’t understand
all the different ways
of looking at and doing a form.

‘MB 31 Warm Ups kids’
Perfect for teaching kids,
for getting them to make the transition
from play to work.
But you have to be patient.

These Warm Ups are also excellent for people
getting back into the martial arts after lengthy time off,
or rehabilitating.

If you want some real fun,
I suggest you bolster these warm up routines
with exercises from Yogata.

4b Yogata (The Yoga Kata)

‘MB 32 Warm Ups Adults’
These are the Monkey Boxing warm ups.
A little more vigorous,
they focus on making the body empty
at the same time you warm it up.
Not muscles,
but mind,
emptying the body so it can move faster
and with more sureness.

Okey doggone oakley
time to eat, drink,
and celebrate a couple of thousand years
of attempted peace.
With Monkey Boxing
maybe we can get there a little faster.

HanaKwanMass to all,


Here’s that Yogata link again

4b Yogata (The Yoga Kata)

still working on the book,
I’ve got so much stuff happening,
I’m taking too long.
But I’ll get it done.

ANY probs with links, etc.
ANY questions
about the material on the vids,
email me at:

Incredible Martial Arts Fighting Exercise

Monkey Boxing Newsletter 7

The Complete Rolling the Wall Matrix

Getting close!
HanaKwanMass is almost here!
Work out now!


Released four more videos,
these take apart the Rolling the Wall drill.
I’ll tell you about these vids in a few paragraphs.
let me make a point.
What I am doing,
in this course,
is presenting the art as I have developed it,
and as I teach it.
This includes all the data behind:
Matrixing Tong Bei (book),
which gives class exercises,
and so on.

the data behind:
Tiger and Butterfly (book)
which is the complete system.

So you get the stuff,
as I would teach it,
in its purest form,
along with all the data
as to where exercises came from,
how drills and such were developed,
the drills and exercises that aided in research and development,
which arts they came from,
and so on and so on.

This is why it’s coming out a bit choppy,
it all depends on individual students,
what they need,
what intuition or whimsy drives the teaching process.
It is a scientific system,
but teaching (a science, too) is an art.

once we are done with this material
(which leads to Black Belt)
then we start on weapons.
The Blinding Steel course,
of course,
the Forty Monkeys.

So if you get one of these courses,
they present the material,
beginning to end,
nice and dry and correct.
But the process of teaching is going to rearrange some of the material,
and examine it in depth,
show relationships in the material
that one might not see,
if he saw only the matrixed version.

Do you see where I am going now?

And I pity the fellow who comes along later,
even a few months,
he will step into the middle of the class.

he’ll get by,
and if he’s smart he’ll go through the archives,
but he’s going to have to make up ground,
and make sense out of the apparent whimsy
which impels my teaching.

in the end,
after a few hundred videos,
or thousands,
when everything has been presented,
detailed and analyzed,
then I’ll just
end it.

Package it and offer it for an enormous price.
Something that will make people wish
they could have got it all
for a paltry ten a month.

I don’t think I’m the best int he universe,
but I do think I’ve got something unique,
the art as a science.

I might not be a Morihei,
or a Yang or some other great master,
but the material I’ve got is the method
which will make more of those guys.
Enough people understand this stuff,
people start breaking through,
using the universe as it was meant to be used,
using themselves to their fullest,
then the true Golden Age of Martial Arts will begin.

Okley Dokely,
here’s the skinny on the videos…

Video one: MB 26 Matrixing Rolling the Wall
Presents the actual matrix,
the scientific breakdown,
the logic behind the drill.

Video Two, Three and Four:
MB 27 Matrixing Rolling the Wall 1/2
MB 28 Matrixing Rolling the Wall O
MB 29 Matrixing Rolling the Wall 1 1/2
These three videos go through
the Rolling the Wall matrix point by point.

This drill,
Rolling the Wall,
came out of researches into Lop Sau.
Lop Sau came into being because of various exercises I saw,
and combined,
which were in such arts as Wing Chun,
Silat, JKD,
and so on.

Rolling the Wall doubles hand speed,
doubles the impact of punching,
and feeds directly into Lop Sau
and other freestyle drills.

All right,
stay tuned,
it’s almost time for my yearly rendition
of the Night Before Xmas.

check out the videos,
have a great work out,
HanaKwanMass to all,


Any probs with the site
email me at:

Monkey Boxing Newsletter 6

Rhythmic Freestyle and Matrixing Punching

More HanaKwanMass to you,
and some super HanaKwanMass workouts!

video 23 shows you how to teach somebody how to freestyle
in mere minutes.

Quite serious about this.
I’ve used Rhythmic Freestyle for decades,
and here’s the key.

When I was taught freestyle
the instructor put me in a stance
told me to try to block him,
and then he beat the hell out of me.

there is something absolutely enervating about freestyle,
and I was hooked.
it took me some four years to overcome the loss he handed me.
You see,
I didn’t learn anything.
I learned that he could hit me at will,
but that doesn’t teach me anything.

At the Kang Duk Won I spent a couple of years
doing freestyle drills,
before I was ever let to do unlimited freestyle.
That got me through ‘fighting,’
and into being able to think in the middle of combat.
it took a long time.
So I came up with Rhythmic Freestyle
as a solution.

It teaches a person how to analyze,
not react,
and does so fast,
without squashing the student.

The secret here is that when you do rhythmic freestyle
you start out slow,
and you never go faster than you know.
And you learn to LOOK>

you are not losing,
you are winning.

The thing is,
you’ve heard me say
that you learn from your mistakes.

Losing by being beat up by a senior belt is not a mistake.
It is losing to a bully.

So the the secret is to look at what you are doing.
Not struggle to understand reactions that are happening
and teaching you nothing.

You look.
And you don’t try to beat the other fellow,
you feed him,
nice and easy,
and he learns to look.

You take on the teacher’s viewpoint.

you’ll understand when you start doing Rhythmic Freestyle,
you’ll understand
that you can teach a fellow how to use the martial arts in a fight,
until you actually teach him martial arts,
and allow him to look,
and to see martial arts.

last word on this,
you don’t have to stay slow for long,
the rule is…
go as fast as you know,
if your partner knows what you are going to do…
speed it up,
give it to him fast.
Within an hour or two
you will be moving as fast as anybody,
you will have analyzed your mistakes,
and be learning things.

Not losing because you don’t know martial arts
and have been thrown in a ‘ring’ before you are ready,
but winning because you have been allowed to look,
to see the lessons,
to create the lessons.

Pay attention,
I go over some of the principles
I detail in the book,
‘The Punch.’
This is how you make energy,
and shake it out your fist.

You might have to go over this video a few times,
make sure you’ve got what I’ve said,
it can slip past if you’re not quick.

Matrixing the straight punch.

There are eight combos,
but these combine into only four sequences.
Here they are,
and if you practice them,
with grounding and body alignment
and breathing and CBM
(Coordinated Body Motion)
then your first punch in a fight
can end the fight.
Of course,
it depends on how assiduously you practice.
Make sure you understand what assiduously means.

Last but not least,
a few things you should know.

I’m still working on the book,
but it is slow going.

I am working on the PayPal button,
which is not directing newbies to the right page.
In the next week or so
I will be sending you the password page link
for the last month.
Starting to archive the vids,
but you should have access to them.
But feel free to download and save.

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The Secret of Teaching in the Martial Arts

You know what the secret is don’t you?

It is to make people smile.

I learned this when I had a job which required me to go door to door selling things. Simply, people buy from their friends. So I would tell joke, make them smile, and then they would buy.

Simple dimple.

It always makes me cringe when I see the boot camp instructor types. They raise their voice, show a low emotional tone level, and people sweat…but the quality of their art is usually pretty bad.

When I teach, you would be shocked at some of the things I say. I insult people, but in a way that makes them laugh. I grin when I upbraid a student, so that he gets it, but he is not caved in, so that he feels the honey, and people are more willing to absorb honey than vinegar.

Why do I upbraid them in the first place? To thicken their skin, to make them immune to bad words and curses.

If I can make them laugh when I call them a blankety blank, then when somebody on the street calls them that they aren’t going to respond, but rather just grin.

Anyway, that’s the secret, enjoy, and use as you can.