Welcome to Monkey Boxing!

Monkey Boxing Newsletter 1

Welcome to Monkey Boxing!

Hi guys,
welcome to Monkey Boxing,
welcome to the first newsletter.

a complete martial arts system
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You’ve had a chance to see the first videos.
If there is any point you want clarified,
that you have a question about,
even an objection to,
let me know.

If there is something you want to see,
even from other arts,
maybe how one technique relates to another,
one art to another,
let me know.

Teaching is not a one way flow.
Teaching is an interchange between teacher and student,
the teacher can pack stuff down your throat,
but a good teacher hears the student,
and shapes the education to the benefit of the student.

There might be a gap of time
between when I get a question and provide an answer.
This is because I try to be a couple of weeks ahead on the videos,
and it may take time to shape a question into a sequence of videos.

One thing:
any wins you have,
send them along.
Wins tend to encourage others,
and to teach others.
Wins destroy the bubble
most people keep themselves in.

Interesting thing:
griping builds the bubble,
insulates the individual from other individuals.
Wins do the opposite.
Wins make people think.

So send any wins along.
They will be most appreciated,
and they will be used to encourage
and make bigger and better martial artists.

that said,
I want you to think about something:
think about sending in videos of yourself.

Whether to test,
or just to check a point,
videos are the next best thing to being there.

If you don’t have video equipment,
set up a smart phone.

Above all,
be willing to make mistakes.
Mistakes are how we learn.
Doing something right a hundred times
and you’ll learn 1/100.
Do something wrong once,
and you learn 100 times more.

You know I won’t laugh,
and what would it matter if I did?
If somebody laughs at you
they are revealing their own inadequate personality.

So think about sending in videos,
maybe testing.

Over the next few months I will outline specifics
as to belt levels
and whatever else.

some of these things have already been said,
especially in some of my books.

I guess that’s about it.
Again, thanks.
my email box is open.

Have a great Monkey Boxing work out!