A Sitting Duck is a Dead Duck!

I often tell this to my students. 

If they are sitting,

not moving,

waiting for something to happen…

then they are dead ducks.

duck martial
Can you actually and really defend yourself? Or are you going to end up like the poor victims you see on the news almost every day?

You’re a dead duck.

Chances are,

you’re sitting around,

watching the tube,

getting angry and shouting at the idiots on the news,

and doing nothing about it.

Here’s what the news said the other day…

Man inspired by ISIS!

Drives car into crowd, gets out and finishes the job with a meat cleaver.

Maybe you remember that headline,

it is a real one.

But it’s not just wanna be ‘Jihadists,’

how about people protesting such things as the Dakota pipeline,

or the Oregon Wildlife Refuge?

Those people had weapons,

and their have been deaths.

Deaths back to Ruby Ridge and Waco.


I’m not saying either side is right.

I’m just saying that we live in a violent society,

and that it is getting more violent,

and you’re at risk.

Ever hear of BLM?

Black Lives Matter?

Occupy Wall Street?

Dozens of cops being ambushed across the United States?

The fact of the matter is that our society is under attack, and IT IS NOT ABOUT TO STOP!

In the recent election there was more vitriol than any election before.

Our political parties were making up stories to instigate riots.

And these are the people you trust to make things right in the United States?

And you watch the nightly news,

maybe shout at the idiots on the screen,

and don’t do anything to prepare yourself.

Are you overweight?


Have you even run around the block in the last year or so?

Well, the truth of the matter is this:

Most people are trapped by their lifestyle.

They don’t exercise,

and they certainly couldn’t fight their way out of a paper sack.

And yet,

these people,


will likely encounter some form of violence in the not too distant future.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to protect your family?

Can you protect your home from…


Home grown terrorists?

Ignorant people who claim one race is better than another?

People who are hungry and starving, who have no way to raise themselves out of the gutter, and who finally take to breaking into houses just for a quick meal?

in progress

It will not stop as long as groups vie for power, religion okays Jihad, and people are, well, crazy.

lazy martial artist
Swilling beer, eat fast food, programming yourself!

Point Two ~ You either understand point one, or you are unconscious.

Which is to say you sit around and read the paper, maybe get upset and mouth off, but don’t actually do anything to see to your protection…and your family’s protection.

You are a sitting duck…which makes you a potential dead duck.

Point Three ~ It is VERY easy to get in shape, learn how to protect yourself and family, and not be a sitting duck.

It is VERY difficult to stand up, throw off the sloth, and get your butt in gear. The real question here is, if you can get up off your butt, what is the exact method being recommended here.

Point Four ~ Traditional methods of building speed, power, and the knowledge of real self-defense take too long and are inefficient. Not to mention expensive.

You DON’T want to be part of a class which only progresses as fast as the slowest student.

You DO want to learn as fast as humanly possible.

You DON’T want to learn tricks that might have worked a hundred years ago, in different times and places with totally different situations.

You DO want to learn the concepts and principles of the martial arts that work no matter when or where you are.

You DON’T want to be bored by weight lifting, or punching a bag with VERY slow knowledge return.

You do want to get actual knowledge, to learn something, to be grinning because what you are doing is so neat.

And so on.

Point Five ~ Monkey Boxing addresses all the previous points, and is the fastest, most efficient method of martial arts in existence.

It is fast because it is logical. Logic becomes intuitive.

Other martial arts are mostly based on Eastern methods, and the East, to be totally and utterly truthful…DIDN’T HAVE LOGIC!

So the classical arts are usually illogical arrangements of techniques which are arranged the way they are for:

  1. political reasons
  2. nationalistic reasons
  3. personal interests
  4. to make a buck
  5. because some fool thinks thinks he has done something really ‘neat.’

The point here is this: with Monkey Boxing you don’t waste your time learning how to dance, you learn in a logical method that…BREEDS INTUITION!

And works in real life!

Monkey Boxing creates a martial artist who is intuitive, not knee jerk or trapped in illogical methodology: that is the point of Monkey Boxing.

Point Six

Here’s point six, and here is where it gets good. Here’s where you get a price you won’t F-ing believe.

How would you like to take personal lessons from somebody with FIFTY years of martial arts experience?

Somebody who has studied virtually every martial art to hit the American shores in the last 50 years?

With IN DEPTH studies of:

  1. Kenpo
  2. Karate
  3. Wing Chun Gung Fu
  4. Aikido
  5. Tai Chi Chuan
  6. Pa Kua Chang
  7. Northern Shaolin
  8. Southern Shaolin
  9. various weapons systems

Somebody who has:

  1. written dozens of articles for the magazines
  2. had his own column in Inside Karate
  3. written over twenty martial arts training manuals
  4. produced over a dozen martial arts training videos
  5. has written OVER 2,000,000 WORDS…specifically on the martial arts (arguably the most prolific martial arts writer of all time!)

How would you like to take personal lessons with a fellow with that much experience, and pay only…

$10.00 a month!

Point Seven ~ Here’s how it works.

Every week several martial arts videos are released. These are NOT your typical show and tell videos, they are in depth drills and exercises that lead you along the path of Monkey Boxing.

You watch the videos, you apply them to your own training. If there is ANYTHING you don’t understand, you shoot an email and get an answer that is NOT a bunch of mysticism and hogwash; you get the straight, scientific and logical goods that WORK!

AND, if you still don’t understand, there will be a video released within the next week or two which addresses, EXACTLY, your question.

AND, if you think you have it all, you can film yourself, post it on Youtube (unlisted) and have it graded…NO EXTRA CHARGE!


Personal protection, for you AND your family.

When the world goes crazy…when some crazy Jihadist runs down the street with a machete, you won’t panic, because you’ll have the real knowledge of how to handle him…AND YOU’LL BE IN GREAT SHAPE!

AND, a special, little bonus for accomplished martial artists…

You can use the Monkey Boxing drills and exercises in your own school.

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$10 Freakin’ bucks a month!

Don’t be a dope and say no!