January 2017 Monkey Boxing Videos

Wednesday, January 4, 2016

MB 33 Side kick w addendum ~ A side kick, from the ground up. Done this way the kick works. Done this way it becomes a real weapon.

MB 34 Matrix punches on bag ~ Working with a student on Rolling the Wall. With matrixing you can see how easy it is, and how effective.

MB 35 4 pt punching and override ~ Two drills. One drill enables the student to face a punch, to enter the reality of a punch. The other drill is an Al Case original. It teaches one how to punch through an attack.

MB 36 Moon Drill ~ A simple drill that makes sense out of the form, and teaches a student how to hold his ground and make his blocks work.

Monday, January 9, 2017

MB 37 Head Catcher ~ Takes all the guesswork out of twisting somebody’s head off. Be careful, can cause lots of damage.

MB 38 split push/split muscles ~ the second grab art out of the Moon form. Shows how to split the muscles on a grab, pain equals compliance in a grab art.

MB 39 Wheel Kick ~ The secret of REALLY effective wheel kicks. The difference between he wheel and the roundhouse.

Monday, January 16, 2017

MB 40 Foot Catcher ~ A fantastic technique that opens the door to kick defenses. Incredibly useful as a knife disarm, or just for handling a punch.

MB 41 Lop Sau and the Yin Punch ~ The Monkey Boxing method of freestyle, and how to take energy out of a punch to make it more effective.

MB 42 Sanchin and Wa Uke ~ Examining the butterfly block from the roots. Will supercharge your understanding of the block, and make the ‘slap-grab’ concept three times more powerful.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

MB 43 Push and Roll to control arms ~ A simple drill to allow you to control any form of fighting.

MB 44 Wristlock One ~ A simple drill to improve your wrist locks. You should note that a technique is for a specific situation, a drill such as this provides for ANY situation, and opens the doors to more locks.

MB 45 Butterfly Form ~ Here we go, controlling a person’s body in combat through this simple form. He who controls distance controls the fight. This form proves that.