The Monkey Boxing Method

There are two Monkey Boxing Courses and two books you should take advantage of.

The books and courses are different from the subscription. They provide a complete overview of Monkey Boxing. They include everything, in order.

The subscription are actual instruction. They are much more in depth.

Getting an overview is pretty important.

If you have an overview it is easier to make sense of the thing; it is easy to see how the movements are related if you have the whole picture.

The video lessons are sometimes out of order, they are dictated by what students need, and by the instincts of the instructor. Having the courses will enable you to put everything in the proper order.

Of course, if you have tons of experience, you should do what you wish.

But the point is this: in learning the martial arts you need to learn everything you can, then pick and choose to find what works for you.

So check out these courses, see if they interest you, and seem to be in line with what you need. Trust your instincts here.

Matrixing Tong Bei (book) ~ an introduction to Monkey Boxing, includes basics, drills, central concepts and principles.

Tiger and Butterfly: A Martial Arts System  ~ A very thorough write up of the complete system up to weapons (Blinding Steel).

Blinding Steel ~ The 8 weapons patterns, and how they fit together.

Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) ~ The Forty Monkeys. A complete list of the locks and takedowns used in Monkey Boxing.

I recommend you go through these books and courses, get the whole picture, enhance your ability to understand the subscription videos in depth.

There is, of course, much more to Monkey Boxing. Much more being such things as the history (Matrixing), and philosophy (Neutronics). But this page provides the tools you need to work out to your best ability, and nothing is more important in Monkey Boxing than continually and dedicatedly working out.