The Monkey Boxing Method

Blinding Steel ~ The 8 weapons patterns, and how they fit together. This includes empty hands, knives, sticks, staffs…and can be applied to ANY OBJECT in the universe. Yes. ANYTHING will be a weapon in your hands once you have done this course. You can pick up a nun chuck, or a samurai sword, or a hammer, or ANYTHING, and know how to use it. This is REAL realism.


Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) ~ The Forty Monkeys. A complete list of the locks and takedowns used in Monkey Boxing. This is the first course I developed, my breakthrough into a new and more realistic art than any I had ever studied, and likely than you have ever studied. You can do it any time, the material can be applied to any art, but I suggest you do Blinding Steel first.


100 Monkey Boxing Lessons ~ This is me teaching the system, from the ground up, piece by piece. You can see the mistakes people make, learn all the ‘what if’s.’ ¬†This is the complete system as taught by the founder.