The Monkey Boxing Courses

work in progress

Monkey Boxing (Part One ~ The One Concept)

The first course is short, sweet, and designed to make believers out of ANYBODY. Learn the one technique that is behind ALL martial arts. It is the first, most natural movement the human makes under attack, and it is not taught in classical, or even eclectic systems, or obfuscated by all the ‘stylistic’ moves. The course consists of xxxx hours of video instruction. There is only ONE drill. Of course there are dozens of variations of this drill, and while one can become comfortable in this drill with an hour or two of practice, one can easily see it is worth a lifetime of study.

Instant Download/seven videos/approx one hour of hard c ore instruction ~ $19.95

Monkey Boxing (Part Two ~ The Sixteen Techniques)

Taking The One Technique and converting it into 16 techniques, techniques which cover every possible attack, every possible (and realistic and workable) techniques.

Instant Download/____ videos/approx ____ hours of instruction ~ $39.95

Blinding Steel ~ The 8 Sticks

Weapons patterns, and how they fit together. This includes empty hands, knives, sticks, staffs…and can be applied to ANY OBJECT in the universe. Yes. ANYTHING will be a weapon in your hands once you have done this course. You can pick up a nun chuck, or a samurai sword, or a hammer, or ANYTHING, and know how to use it. This is REAL realism.

Instant Download or disks/

Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) ~ The Forty Monkeys

A complete list of the locks and takedowns used in Monkey Boxing. This is the first course I developed, my breakthrough into a new and more realistic art than any I had ever studied, and likely than you have ever studied. You can do it any time, the material can be applied to any art, but I suggest you do Blinding Steel first.

Instant Download or disks/

100 Monkey Boxing Lessons

This is me teaching the system, from the ground up, piece by piece. You can see the mistakes people make, learn all the ‘what if’s.’ ¬†This is the complete system as taught by the founder. I DO NOT go into material on part one and part two, so when you purchase this course I include those two courses.

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The Master Instructor Course

The original course, fixes any martial art, makes any person an instructor, the one course you MUST do if you wish to become expert in ANY martial art. Honestly, if you don’t know the material of this course–and in all the decades I have been teaching and meeting a LOTY of martial artists I have never anyone who does–then you are NOT an instructor.

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